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Of good speaking, the great secret is good sense, and a knowledge of the subject . The not thinking, sufficiently, induces surplusage and repetition ; for a.

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Sharp was not the first thinker to offer this insight.

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Philosopher David Hume wrote: "Were you to preach, in most parts of the world, that political connections are founded together on mutual consent or a mutual promise, the magistrate would soon imprison you, as seditious, for loosening the lies of obedience, if your friends did not before shut you up, as delirious, for advancing such absurdities. Sharp is not a gentle or diplomatic man, and when I interviewed him in Boston in , he spoke in a gravelly growl. He accused some pacifists of being more interested in demonstrating their moral purity than bringing about change.

He advocates nonviolence for practical rather than spiritual reasons. He rejects religious exhortations that we should turn the other cheek and love our enemies. People in power often deserve to be despised and fought, he contends, but violence, even in the service of a just cause, often causes more problems than it solves, leading to greater injustice and suffering.

Hence the best way to oppose an unjust regime is through nonviolent action. Nonviolent movements are also more likely than violent ones to garner internal and international support and to lead to democratic, non-militarized regimes.

What Would Jesus Think of King's Protests?

Other scholars, notably Erica Chenoweth , have done empirical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of nonviolent social activism. Sharp discounted the value of international treaties. Nor was he keen on the idea of an armed, global government that enforces treaties and quashes violent movements. Now we want to extend that capacity on a world scale?

And who is going to control the people who are giving the orders and making the decisions? In B.

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They remained there for several days, disrupting life in Rome, until the consuls acceded to many of their demands. Roman soldiers employed a similar nonviolent strategy more than two hundred years later to win concessions from the Roman Senate. We tend to remember the wars and genocide of the 20 th century, but there were successful nonviolent movements. Quisling had one thousand teachers arrested and sent to concentration camps, but the others maintained their resistance.

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Quisling finally gave in, allowing the imprisoned teachers to return home. The ANC had a military branch early on but gradually embraced nonviolence. Largely nonviolent movements also helped topple dictatorships in East Germany, Mongolia, the Philippines, Chile, Argentina and elsewhere. Pessimists too often forget instances in which ostensibly powerless people prevailed over violent regimes without the use of force. Sharp made no apologies for that fact that his strategies can be employed toward insidious as well as noble ends.

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A world in which bad people pursued their goals nonviolently, he noted, would be a vast improvement over ours. If Sharp's writings "enlighten our adversaries, we can be doubly thankful," Shelling wrote, because "one is better off confronting a skillful and effective recourse to nonviolent action than a savagely ineffectual resort to violence.

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Sermon by Rev. Steven McClelland on Matthew 5: 38 — Back in seminary I had a wonderful professor of New Testament by the name of Walter Wink and he made the Bible come alive in a way that no one before had ever done. Wink why would anyone in their right mind follow the advice of Jesus?

The Freedom Rides: Civil Disobedience While Turning A Cheek

Because after reading the Bible you have to ask yourself why would the Jews ever let someone hit them on one cheek and then turn and let that same person hit them again on the other cheek? Why would they willingly give away an essential piece of clothing and walk a mile farther than they had to? Martin Luther King Jr. He was preaching and practicing civil disobedience.

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And what he is advocating here are three specfic acts of civil disobedence. And if he cries to me, I will hear, for I am compassionate. Under this law if a Roman Soldier passed you he could tell you to come carry his pack for up to one mile.