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Of good speaking, the great secret is good sense, and a knowledge of the subject . The not thinking, sufficiently, induces surplusage and repetition ; for a.

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Partial or total, fingers crossed we all have good weather to experience the eclipse.

This Is How The Energy Of The Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Mind, Body, And Soul

The totality experience challenges us to think about our lives. We feel the vastness of our Universe, and recognise that we are a very small part of it. This feeling of insignificance is empowering.

A Ritual To Protect Your Energy

Many feel a sense of connection to humanity, and recognise that our lives are fleeting — just like totality. Some find the totality experience as a turning point to make important life choices.


Quiet the chatter and get in touch with nature and the universe ever-swirling around you. While that part is active, it obstructs the experience of your love, which is represented symbolically by the sun.

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Yet in the midst of that obstruction there is a great deal of power and beauty that is visible physically in a total eclipse of the sun. These are reminders of the cause of the darkness. It is an experience of a frightened part of your personality that is active. That part of your personality eclipses your love, and yet it is in consciously going into that experience of darkness that you develop the ability to move beyond its control.

That is represented by the brilliance and power that is visible around the perimeter of the darkness when the eclipse is total.

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