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I cook with olive oil for heart healthy calories and texture in my pasta sides and my oatmeal. On trail, where allowed, THC is also a great pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent, which in conjunction with Mango are natural and better than otc like Ibuprofen, Tylenol ect. I take a daily plant based vitamin to help bridge the gap in nutrition of my trail food and try to eat healthy while in town. Here is our last Long Trail video. It was so fun to relive the trail by making these.

A Thru-Hiker’s Guide to the Long Trail

Thanks to everyone who watched and supported us this year!! Found these sunglasses last week September 27th on a side trail nearby Theron Dean shelter. They have two names inscribed on them, one on each temple. Would love to get them back to the owner!

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Ask a Thru-Hiker: I Want to Hike a Long Trail, But I Have a Family

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Long Trail Rest Stops — Properties Near the Trails

Join Group settings More. Ranger Ray 50 mins. Mark Oleg 8 hrs. Andrew Cooper 2 hrs. Has anyone hiked to the Sunnyside shelter from Rt just to the east of the Rutland Airport?

Planning Your Thru-Hike

This past summer my hiking bestie Click! Following are some of the things we would have done differently on our trip as well as things that we were so glad we did. Evening light shining on an active beaver pond. Unless you are an ultramarathoner and you crush miles like you crush a box of Girl Scout cookies, you are going to want to take some rest while tackling this beast of a trail. Early on in our planning we figured a solid 18 days would probably be enough time for us to complete the trail—a mile average per day.

It ended up taking us 20 without any rest days because we had a deadline and boy did we feel every mile of it. Not only is resting important for your brain, feet, and muscles, half of the fun of thru-hiking is being able to eat yourself silly in towns and be a total pile of lazy trash on your nearo or zero days.

Also, Vermont is chock-full of super cute little towns with that quaint New England feel. We highly recommend checking out some of the great hostels and bed and breakfasts available to hikers and meet the wonderful trail angels that exist in this state. If you want to really get a good taste of what Vermont has to offer, then plan enough days to get the most out of the experience and your feet will also thank you.

One reason to take your time on the Long Trail. When the trail turns into just rocks and nuthin else. Having extra giraffe limbs will save you from many falls or slides and help you to hop, skip, and jump over mud puddles the size of backyard fish ponds.

Life on the Long Trail: An Expedition through Vermont's Green Mountains

I literally pole vaulted my way up and down this trail more so than I have ever done on any other long-distance trail. Celebrating our end-to-end at the walless border! As many of you know, the first miles of the LT coincide with the AT and if you hike this during peak hiker season there are plenty of people that you will run into, or more likely, who will whiz past you on their forward march to Katahdin. No one wants to think about it, but the possibility of breaking a limb or hitting your head is really high with such risky terrain and we have all heard the tragic stories of hikers who just happened to step wrong.

On one hellacious day of crazy weather spitting side rain and winds all day Click! Give me all the magical New England woodlands yes please! I also had my handy trekking umbrella attached to my pack… which I cannot express enough gratitude for. I highly recommend one, as I stayed super toasty and dry underneath it.

Always bring your puffy. Best and most futuristic way to keep yourself warm and dry. I have never brought more food per day out on a thru hike before. I am so happy that I did. Our food bags for every four-day stretch ended up being about 8 pounds and we ate every salty, sweet, and savory bit of it. The terrain of this trail is such that you are going to burn some serious calories even if you only do ten miles a day. Also, the mental aspect of this trail considering the need for precise placement of every footstep requires even more fuel for your fire. Bogboards are my friends, bogboards are my friends.

On one resupply we accidentally packed two extra ramen and ended up consuming them for lunch on a wet and cold day to get ourselves warm. On our hurricane-like day of 50 degrees, rain, and high wind, we just happened to be scheduled to summit the top of Mt.

Mansfield, the highest point in Vermont. We thought that the one-mile Cliff Trail on the eastern side sounded fine, imagining a trail that meandered just above and around the edge and spit us right back where we needed to be for easy access to the next shelter. In hypothermic weather, we strapped our pound packs to our backs and pushed forward onto the trail that ended up not being a hiking path at all, but consisted of full-body rock climbing over giant slick boulders on the side of a cliff with only the foggy abyss below.

We prayed for trail as good as this after Cliff Trail hell.