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It is as follows: " I am pained to hear such bad news from the United States? Virginia Centre for Digital History Univ. At 17 years old, he published a pamphlet criticizing the merits of dueling. He followed it shortly thereafter with a pamphlet criticizing the severity of the Irish penal code. Authorities threatened Carey with prosecution, which caused him to move to Paris in to avoid arrest. He met Dr. Benjamin Franklin there, who hired Carey to work in his own printing office. He fled Ireland for good in , and settled in the United States as the nascent country was settling into its role as a nation free of English rule, an identity desired but unshared by the Irish.

He created the Pennsylvania Herald , Columbian Magazine , and American Museum , another magazine, none of which turned a profit. He often wrote on social topics, discussed politics, and reported on debates in the state legislature. Carey was an original member of the American Sunday-School Society. Under their direction, the publishing house became one of the most prominent in the country for several years, publishing such works as the Encylopedia Americana, and a dictionary of German lexicon under the name Carey and Lea.

Matthew Carey died in , and Henry Carey retired in Belfast Linen Hall Library holds Vindiciae Hiberniae , some closely-printed pages, issued by subscription in Philadelphia [but cf. Quotations, supra ]. Carey takes English partisan historian of Ireland to task, notably Temple, Davies, Borlase, Carte, Leland, Rushworth, Clarendon, Macauley and Hume, casting doubts on reports of massacre of Protestants in in particular.

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Did it happen at all? He points out that the numbers of Protestants claim to have been brutally murder were greater than the total of Protestants in Ireland at the time. Hyland Books Cat. Kreiger Publ. Matthew] b. Summerhill, Dublin, ; the son of a successful baker, Christopher [and Mary Sherridan] Carey; apprenticed to a bookseller and the printing trade, ; he issued pamphlet opposing duelling, ; also A Letter to the Irish Catholics , criticising severity of Penal Laws and resulting in his flight to Paris for a year under threat of prosecution; he was employed by Benjamin Franklin at his Paris printing office; returned to Ireland after a year, and ed.

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Miscellaneous works of Henry C. Carey.

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Henry C. Carey

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Henry Charles Carey

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David Montgomery, Beyond Equality. Eric Foner, Reconstruction.