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Arthur's Life and Deeds

When Arthur is born, Uther gives him to Merlin who places him with a foster family who know nothing of his royal birth. The grail, previously a platter, now became the Holy Grail, the cup of Christ. Merlin, though still a fringe figure, became a Christian seer and Arthur and his knights became champions and defenders of the Christian cause. The Vulgate Cycle continued and developed this tradition and also marks the first time the Arthurian Legends appear in prose.

The anonymous authors of the Vulgate Cycle chose their form purposefully because they wished to present the subject as actual history, not fanciful romance. The author also explains that Merlin was named for his pious Christian grandfather, thereby cutting any association of the seer with Myrddin of the Welsh pagan tradition. The Prose Merlin follows Robert de Boron for its first five sections which are then followed by two sequels known by scholars as the historical continuation Prose Merlin Sequel and the romantic continuation Suite du Merlin , also known as the Huth Merlin because it is contained in the Huth Manuscript of the British Library.

All of the more resonant elements of the Arthurian universe are developed in this work but Malory would bring the story further to its finished form. Although his primary source was the Post-Vulgate Cycle , scholars agree that he probably had access to a good library and was well-read in Arthurian lore. Malory almost certainly drew on the Prose Merlin for the core of his character but developed him to a much deeper degree. As in the earlier works, Merlin is born of a noble woman and a demon, assists Uther in conceiving Arthur, and places the boy with the foster family of Sir Ector after his birth.

Arthur grows up as squire to his older foster-brother Kay and serves him at tournaments. Arthur then returns the sword to the stone and again draws it easily, proving he is the heir to the throne. He tells Arthur that Guinevere will be unfaithful to him with Lancelot the moment Arthur announces his intention to marry her but Arthur will not listen.

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Merlin grooms Nimue as his successor and falls completely in love with her, losing his perspective. He has no idea how ambitious Nimue is until after he has taught her the breadth of his magical knowledge and she then imprisons him. With Merlin gone, Arthur loses his trusted counselor, and once the affair of Lancelot and Guinevere comes to light, the unity and vision of the Round Table is lost, Mordred usurps the throne, and the kingdom falls after the climactic Battle of Camlann.

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  4. Throughout all of these works, Merlin is central to the narrative and the character remains among the most popular of the Arthurian Legends. Welsh writers following Geoffrey wrote their own works about the seer. Italian and Spanish poets drew on the French and Welsh traditions to feature Merlin in their own works and his popularity is attested by the number of complete works or fragments of manuscripts from the Middle Ages which mention or feature him. Scholar Peter H. Goodrich comments:.

    Merlin, the prophet and magus, is historically the second-best known character from medieval literature, barely outstripped by his liege lord King Arthur. Beyond literature, he has entered our public consciousness to an even grater extent than Arthur, through the association of his name with all kinds of technological devices and commodities, many of them not in the least Arthurian.

    Tolkien, C.

    Lewis, and J. Rowling, among many others, have acknowledged as much regarding their works. Scholar William W. Kibler notes how this is due to the compelling nature of the character:. Merlin is constantly at the center of the action, predicting events and using his magical powers to control history. He is puckish and benevolent and constantly makes use of his shape-shifting powers to aid and befuddle.

    Lacy, The Arthurian Legends fell out of favor during the Renaissance but Merlin remained as popular as ever. Since then, the legends have been reimagined countless times to reflect the various zeitgeist of the eras in which they are written, and Merlin continues as one of the most compelling characters. Merlin is featured in countless films, games, television shows, novels, and short fiction.

    Even when he is not mentioned by name, his persona still infuses or influences that of every wizard, in any form, who has come after him. Editorial Review This Article has been reviewed for accuracy, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication.

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    Merlin: A Casebook. Routledge, Lacy, N. The Arthurian Encyclopedia.

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    Peter Bedrick Books, Thank you for your feedback. See Article History. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. A great victory was won at Mons Badonicus a site not identifiable toward now it was Saxons who emigrated, and the British lived in peace all through the…. Other legends, dating from the midth century, claim that the early Christian St.

    Joseph of Arimathea went…. It came into the possession of King Leodegran of Carmelide, who gave it to Arthur as part of the dowry of his daughter Guinevere when she married Arthur. Admission to the fellowship of the Round Table was reserved for only the most valiant,…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox! By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. More About.