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Unlike other similar books in the market, From Jail to a Job provides a verified systematic guide that you can use to get a job despite having a criminal record.

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Since its release into the market, it has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of ex-offenders to apply and get jobs in different parts of the world. The author, Eric, did a great job to compile factual tips that you can use to earn the trust and respect of your employer. He uses a simple language that is easy to understand, and all the tips are pragmatic. BelievPublications gmail. You are about to learn secrets thousands of felons are using today to get jobs.

Everything you need to know to get a job with a criminal record is in this book! Dear Mr.

Jobs for convicted felons

Mayo, For the past 12 years, I have been struggling to get and keep jobs due to having a felony. I have read your book and used it as a tool at my previous place s of employment and I highly recommend it.

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Ex-offenders have a place in my heart too and I believe they should be given a fair chance as well. I say to you continue to break down barriers in this bitter-sweet world.

Give an ex-offender a chance to re-integrate back into society and become a positive change in this world. Check Out what people are saying about this book!

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Read what the reviewers at Serious Reading have to say about this book. Very Informative! There is some basic information, and some that you can only get from a professional like Eric Mayo. Anyone who needs advice in finding a job should buy this. Also check Eric Mayo out on Facebook , he gives extra information.

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Published Review by customer Mary B. Being an instructor in the Texas Prison System, this book is truly informative and well written.

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Print Edition: Amazon. These workbooks are aimed to have a positive impact on those struggling with the long-term collateral consequences that many reformed citizens experience after release from prison. Support the battle to reduce recidivism and purchase a set today! Get a Grip on Life : Workbook One. Be sure to check out more blog posts to find more interesting and uplifting support for those struggling with life after a felony.