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Where possible we sell fairtrade drinks which include. All our take-away drinks in compostable cups with compostable lids.

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Started by a local entrepreneur Beth, Bellaroo Bakes make special occasion cakes. Please try them and let us know what you think.

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We still rely on volunteers, but we are now in a purpose built coffee shop. Locally made jams and marmalade Cards including handmade and hand painted and some by local artists. Depending on your upbringing, background and current situation, many things positive or perhaps even negative come to mind. Church does not fit into their cultural vocabulary, so the easiest thing to do is just ignore it.

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Even when invited to a church, they are hesitant to come. Unfortunately, the church in Japan has not done much to help get past this stigma. When praying about how to make the church relevant in Japan, God gave our missionary team a two-fold strategy to target the felt need in Japan: depression, loneliness, isolation and suicide.

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For the last two years our team has been working hard to develop this strategy, and everything from the way we do church and ministry to the very place that we rented for our church has come into line with this vision. We created a whole course in 3 languages Japanese, English and Portuguese to train church laypeople to be able converse with a suicidal person and offer them the hope of Jesus Christ — our Living Hope.

Our first training graduated over 30 people ready to work the messaging system.

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Everything from the floor to the walls, the furniture and the ceiling is covered with neon lights. Let me show you this awesome place in pictures, careful you might want to book your train ticket or plane as soon as possible….

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