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I love strong smelling candles and finding the customers do too! So glad they're working out for you, Regina, and thanks for sharing your experience with the amount of oil and wax! I was reading your tutorial and if you don't mind I would like to add a few comments as I make candles for a side job as a living. Back the oil down to 1 oz per pound. This is pretty much the general rule of most chandlers when making candles.

A good temperature to add the fragrance is generally about degrees and you need to stir stir very well to mix the oil and wax. Wax can only hold so much oil per pound and it can also clog the wick thus making a pooly scented candle and not make a properly burning candle. And this undoubtedly is why there is not much scent. Also did you cure your candles?

Meaning, they need to sit a week or 2 for the oil and wax to bind together. Making candles and selling right away is very serious business. It takes a very very long time, even years to perfect and to sell to the public or a fund raiser by just making a few candles is not something I would recommend for any novice. Different fragrances used take different size wicks and they need to be tested each candle and burned for testing purposes right down to the very end of your burn cycle. If you use an lx 16 wick for example on 1 fragrance in the particular jar you use, if might not work in a lighter weight fragrance.

This would need a smaller wick. Candle making is all about testing, testing and testing. It is not an instant over night process but months and months or years. Also deep melt pools with high flames can be a fire hazard. There is so very much to learn about candle making. Joining a candle forum is a recommendation to learn about the process I highly recommend. To try and sell to the public after making a few candles I would definitely not recommend and especially a a fund raiser makes me shudder for someone just learning and thinking they are good enough to sell as believe me, they are not.

You need insurance, caution labels, proper labels on jars with company name to keep your butt covered. Candle making is fun and I love it. Enjoy it. I didn't put this post up to offend anyone. I just tried to make suggestions to help and explain the proper ways to go about. Thankyou and everyone enjoy! Thanks for offering your suggestions—there's always room for learning and improvement in any venture! This easy guide to making soy wax candles is fabulous. I have made quite a few in the past 6 months and have also managed to sell some of them! As you say they make the perfect gift and they are wonderful to have in the home.

You can make them for every room and when they burn the smell is just divine. Thank you. Thank you so much for the positive feedback! I'm so glad you've had such great success, and I'm so glad I could help! Joy, Thank you so much for your helpful and clear instructions! My son and I are trying our hand at candle-making to fund a service trip for ourselves.

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It's been really fun for both of us! I also used supplies from candlescience, specifically the Golden Brands wax, and have really liked them. I'm getting ready to order more now to keep experimenting. I am getting pock marks and craters on my candles, so continue to experiment with temperatures and cooling. It gets confusing, because it seems everyone has a different opinion. Fortunately, I have a heat gun from another project and am going to try and smooth the tops with that today.

Your tip about using the clothes pins was creative and brilliant! That's worked really well for me, and I've even been clipping the "loose" end of the wick into the clip itself to hold it taut and straight while the candles cool. Thanks again for taking the time to post your detailed, helpful directions! You've made the beginning steps much easier for me!

I know what you mean about how confusing it can be to get the glitches worked out—it does seem like everyone has a different opinion and even different instructions when it comes to candle-making. There are so many variables to consider. I love this instructions!

Beginner Soy Candle Making Instructions

The candles burned so amazing when I followed these instructions. Question: I followed candlescience same oils I used instructions from their website, the third time I made candles, and they tell you to add the fragrance in at I do not feel that the fragrance was as strong as the ones I made following your directions. Any input as to why? Thank you, Blanca! I'm so glad they worked out well for you! I really don't know why the fragrance wouldn't be as strong when you followed the other instructions.

Sorry I can't be of more help—I just found this method works for me, so I keep doing it this way! One of them came with a gift basket, and I just repurposed it for my candles. The other one came in a package, maybe from Hobby Lobby? I'm not really sure. They were just some odds and ends I found in my crafting stash. I am a smoker bad habit and I have bought smoke eater candles but they are very expensive. Is there something that could be put in these soy candles that would have the same effect??? Thank you and I am going to be trying to make these candles as your instructions are so easy to follow….

I have a mother-in-law that smokes and I saw Candle Science has an Smoke and Odor eliminator oil in various sizes. I purchased it and have not tried it in any of my candles yet. Try it out and see if it helps. I'm obsessed with creme Brulee scent and i see it on your label in the picture. Can you please tell me how you made that fragrance or where you bought it?

Hi Tonya! That's one of my favorite scents, too. I got that one from CandleScience. I'm wondering — can you use pure essential oils in this instead of a fragrance oil? We've got allergies with synthetic fragrances here. How much essential oil would you use? Hi Jennifer! I don't know about the essential oils, as I've never tried that or researched it before.

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The fragrance oil is specifically created for candles and similar applications. It seems like I remember hearing of someone who made the candles without any fragrance, and then when she was ready to burn the candles, she added some drops of essential oil on top so the fragrance would be diffused. But I can't vouch for the safety of that, since I haven't researched it. What type and size wick did you use with this size jar? I make candles and have a lot of these jelly jars. Thanks so much for your comment!

Hope that helps.

Check out Pick Your Plum if you like the daisy cut lids. Much cheaper than Amazon! Thanks for letting me know, Amanda! I love the daisy cut lids! Thanks again! Hi Joy, My 11 year old son wanted some sort of way to make money, so we made these candles this afternoon! Your tutorial was perfect! Your directions were very clear, and he was able to do it easily with my supervision! We made 12 total and so far it looks like they are drying without sinkholes! Thank you for this tutorial! I hope they turn out perfectly for your son, Tricia! And thanks so much for letting me know that the tutorial was helpful to you!

It's so nice to receive positive feedback! Would you say that these are better than Yankee? Can you add more fragrance oil or is there a limit? I'd love to try making my own, but if they're not as fragrant as Yankee or some other brands, I'd rather not. As far as scent strength, I would not say these are better than Yankee. I have a vanilla Yankee candle that someone gave me as a gift, and it fills the room with a delicious vanilla fragrance. These candles don't seem to be as strongly scented. I do prefer soy wax over paraffin, but that might be the only advantage.

I pretty much make them for gifts, and people love to receive a handmade candle for a gift. Each wax has a different limit for the amount of fragrance. If you'd like to look into it more, you may find some answers here:. In my personal experience as a novice candle maker, adding MORE than 2 ounces of Fragrance oil to a pound of Soy Wax will eventually result in the oil working it's way to the surface and also to a less than perfect burn. I love candles. I am so very tired of buying, Yankee Candles. I am really looking forward to making my own candles. And I want to see what it is going to cost, to start this, for myself.

For gifts. I have never done this before, and I am really looking forward to doing this. I really do not know how many things I need, I need a list of everything I need and how much it will cost me. Please let me know everything I need, how to do it and what it will cost me?

Mary Ann, The supply list is at the top of the post the list of everything you need that you are asking for. The cost will vary depending on what you buy and where you purchase it from. Just do some research and you can figure it out on your own, you can do it! I love this post!! It's also among the top three most visited from last week, so will be featured tomorrow, pinned on Pinterest, and shared on FB and Twitter. Help yourself to a featured button tomorrow. I am writing, I am very interested, in making candles from home.

Best Candle Making Tutorial on Youtube -How To Make Soy Candles At Home - Make Candles at Home

I am tired of buying Yankee Candles all the time. I am new to this, I do not know what I need to start making candles from. And what it will cost? If you can let me know what I need to get to start this, and what it will cost to get this started. Please let me know. Thank You Mary Ann. I love this! I will have to try it out. Do you know what the estimated start up cost was for you? You know, I haven't estimated the start up cost yet!

I already had a lot of the supplies jars, glue gun, clothespins, etc. If I ever have time to do the math I'll add it to the post! Oh I so want to try this. I have wanted to learn to make candles in a jar for years. Thanks for this post! I want to try this! It would make great Christmas gifts! Pinning for later use. I'm a little intimidated though! Thanks for sharing all the great tips!

For 3 candles I used 2 oz. For each lb. Thank-you so much for posting how to make soy candles!! Yours look beautiful Joy!! This will definately be a project for Emma and I in the near future. Hi, I wrote in to try to get information, I did this 2 times and 4 some reason it is not posting. I want to learn to make soy candles from home. I do not know what I need to start this or what it will cost. If You can give me any information. I would really appreciate it. My name is Mary Ann Premone. Thank You.

All the supplies you'll need are listed in the post, and there are links to the supplies on Amazon. How much it costs will be determined by what you already have on hand, and from where you order the supplies. For instance, I already had the kitchen scale, jars, glue gun, mixing spoon, etc. I just needed to buy the wax, wicks, melting pot, candy thermometer, and fragrance oil. So, my costs may be lower than someone else's, since I already had those things on hand and I actually haven't figured out how much I spent—maybe one day I'll try to do that!

A fairly easy way to figure out the cost might be to click on the Amazon links, decide what you need to order, and then add up the amount. If you have a local place where you can get supplies for instance, I bought my candy thermometer and jars at my local grocery store , then you can base your costs on that. You might also be able to find things like a pot to melt the wax in at a local flea market or even garage sales. Garage sales are also sometimes a great place to find jars.

My daughter and I are so excited to try your method. When I clicked the link for the wicks there were so many to choose from. I will be using the 8 oz jelly jars. Which size is best for those? Hi Jerri! I used the LX 16 wicks that are linked in the post. When I click the link it just goes to that one option. I had to trim my wicks after the candles were made, because they were a little long. I love it when you share! Please keep in mind that all images and text on this site are property of Artful Homemaking.

You may use one photo provided that a link back to my original post is included. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me. Please do not replicate or copy any content from Artful Homemaking without written permission from me.

All free printables offered are for personal use only. Pinning is always welcome and appreciated! Make homemade soy candles with this simple DIY tutorial. Learn how to make soy candles the easy way with this DIY soy candles tutorial! Then stick the wicks on the bottom of the clean jars using a glue gun or superglue. Add a few inches of water to the larger pot and set it on the stove. Let the water heat while you weigh the wax. The first time I made candles, I only made three.

The second time I made candles, I made six, and I used about 2. I also weigh out my fragrance oil in a different container at this time, if necessary. Once you have the wax at the right temperature degrees , remove it from the heat. I used 2 oz. Around degrees is recommended. The first time I made soy candles, I poured at degrees, and the tops of my candles were smooth and perfect.

The second time, I decided to go with the instructions for my particular wax and container, and I poured at degrees—and got sinkholes. So, the next time I will be pouring at a lower temperature. A friend recommends pouring at around degrees. I will definitely be using a lower temperature next time.

Scent, shape and size

At least to degrees, and definitely not at like I did last time! So just pour as slowly and evenly as you can. Readjust your wicks to make sure they are centered and straight. Then let the candles cool, undisturbed. As they cool, you will notice that they will start to have a cloudy sort of appearance. Right after pouring candles, I clean my supplies by simply wiping them with a dry paper towel. Wipe the thermometer, the stirring spoon, and the melting pot thoroughly. Eventually, the candles will be completely cooled and solid. You can then remove the clothespins from the wicks.

For even cooling, ensure your candles are kept at a reasonable distance to allow air circulation between them. We have created a PDF version of our candle making guide for easy reference when making the candles. For an in-depth explanation on why this occurs as well as prevention read our troubleshooting guide. It is important to note that proper scent throw occurs when the candle has been burning for hours and the entire top of the candle is melted. If the candle has been burning for hours and the scent still appears to be weak then adjustments may be needed in the candle making process.

First check how much fragrance oil you added to the melted wax. If you combined the fragrance oil at a temperature above its flash point, it may have evaporated out of the candle before it had a chance to set. If this is the case then ensure that you are combining the fragrance oil at its flash point temperature. If you find the candle is tunneling then try increasing the wick one size above what you are using.

More information about wicks sizes and double wicking can be found in our wick selection guide. It is also important to note that extinguishing a candle before it has a chance to melt to the sides of the container can cause tunneling despite using the correct wick. If you found this guide helpful please share to fellow candle makers and friends on Facebook or Pinterest. You can purchase all the candle supplies mentioned in this guide directly from our website.

Disclaimer: We have taken every effort to ensure that this guide is as accurate as possible. However Crafty Candle Supplies cannot guarantee or take responsibility for any errors or omissions in this information. Crafty Candle Supplies intends for this information to be used as a guide only and accepts no responsibility for actions or outcomes that are a consequence of using the information above.

Please take every safe precaution in the making of candles, or experimentation of the candle making process. Explore our range of supplies including wicks, fragrances, soy wax, containers and candle making kits. For more information on candle making browse through our comprehensive range of guides and resources.

Buy candle making supplies online at wholesale prices. Huge selection of waxes, jars, fragrances, wicks and dyes. Fast delivery and low prices. We source the distinctive, the interesting and unused so you can be adventurous, creative and amused. From wax to wicks to dyes and jars, unleash your inner crafty and reach for the stars. We provide candle making supplies across the world. With headquarters in Australia we offer wholesale candle making supplies to all regions. Make your own candles today with our unique range of candle making kits and natural candle making supplies.

There is nothing like making your own homemade candles. Showroom information: Our showroom is open from pm. We do not accept cash. Forgot Password? Login or registration. Profile Informations. Subscribe to Newsletter. Login Datas. I accept the Terms and Coditions. Register or login. First name is required! Following this guide step by step will enable you to make your own scented soy candles at home. This guide is split into 4 sections: Part 1: Supplies, ingredients and equipment needed Part 2: Calculating how many supplies you need Part 3: Making the scented soy candle s Part 4: Common candle making problems If you want to skip the detail and get straight to making candles, purchase one of our Candle Making Kits which have all the supplies in pre-measured quantities as well as a step by step guide!

Having the correct equipment for the job also makes your life a lot easier! Select a Container To calculate how much of each supply you will need, you first need to select the type of container or mould you wish to use and the number of candles you wish to make. Select the Right Wick To choose a wick simply select a wick size from the chart below that matches the diameter of your container.

Make Your Own Mason Jar Soy Candles {Tutorial} - Artful Homemaking

To calculate how much soy wax you will need, follow the formula below. Volume ml of container x number of containers x 0. The amount of fragrance oil needed can vary depending on how strong the scent is. To calculate the amount of fragrance oil needed follow the formula below. Part 3: Making a scented soy candle Now that you have all the ingredients and supplies required, you can now get to work making your own soy candles.

The candle making process can be broken down into six steps. Ensure the work space you choose is an environment that is not too hot or too cold. Ideally you want to have an ambient temperature of 19 to 24 degrees Celsius. This will prevent any issues that can occur when the wax is cooling. Having a tray handy to place the candles on will also work well. Pour the wax into a measuring jug and weigh the amount required on your set of scales. Melt the wax using the double boiling method. Do this by setting a saucepan half full with water and place it on the stove to heat.

Let the wax completely melt and continue to heat it to about 80 - 85 degrees Celsius. If children are involved, we strongly advise parental supervision at all times. Add the Fragrance Oil When the wax is degrees Celsius, add the fragrance oil and stir for two minutes to ensure it is thoroughly mixed through the wax. This means that some of the fragrance oil could evaporate while the wax is cooling.

To avoid this, follow the rules below.