The Los Angeles Airport Disgrace

Of good speaking, the great secret is good sense, and a knowledge of the subject . The not thinking, sufficiently, induces surplusage and repetition ; for a.

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Gordon Campbell on why the Aussie banks are bastards

Description Banks are bastards. I strongly suggest turning to whichever members of your family are richer than you. They're hardly gonna turn you down. It's what families are for.

Mungo MacCallum: The banks are bastards

Oh I've got a ton of options before that happens. The blog above was written after just coming back from the bank in a state of abject terror. I just need to document them and take the money out. Doing that now, which will take the main edge off my terror. We're due a few thousand dollars from one of our clients, though admittedly most of that will go into overheads like server rental it's better to use dollard to pay for US stuff, than convert to pounds.

I rang them up and asked why they hadn't given it to me yet, they said I needed to fill out a claim form, which they're now sending to me. I've found the tax people to be VASTLY more organised than the benefits people in every way, so I suspect this may be as easy as it sounds.

The largest part of why I'm so vastly and unexpectedly overdrawn is that the housing benefit people haven't paid me since December, even though I've handed in my newewal app in Jan. I would've noticed, except the local cash machine doesn't let me view a balance on my account, so I'm usually in the dark about it.

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Beautiful juxtaposition on Channel 7 News a couple of weeks ago. Banks should be forced to have top executives wear black headwear to identify themselves and their motives…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you are a human, do not fill in this field.

Next post: Trump: black ball in the side pocket! Search MM. How did we get here?

Mrs Brauer described the financial and emotional toll on her family. How bad are our banks? Mr James will appear again on Thursday.

Leftist media saturates the news. Fight back.

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